We Are Open!

How we Transformed the Space!

That’s right. Officially OPEN. And we are so beyond excited to share with you how we got here! We spent many months (and moolha) to get Bookha Studios transformed into the beautiful interior that it is now.

This is how the space looked as we signed the lease - a dark brown kitchen, with dark brown floor boards and windows, and the worst grey flooring that had paint already chipping off. There was also a random frosted window - which was an eyesore. YUCK! We were super excited to get things started and transform the space! We wanted to paint over all the dark brown and scrape away at the floor to reveal the natural stone underneath.

The first thing we started with was painting the floor boards and windows white! As you can see from the photos - this minor change made the place instantly brighter and more beautiful.

The kitchen was a process!! We spray painting the hardware gold, painted the cabinets a soft pink blush color, added a navy blue accent wall, and lined the top shelving with colorful vases.

For the frosted window wall we decided to install gold velvet curtains to hide the window and second door. We painted the wall a matte sand/nude color to compliment the gold velvet.

We wanted all of our accents to be GOLD!! So we spray painted all the hardware, the clothing rack and even the silver details in the bar gold!

Oh man. The flooring was a PROJECT. Let me tell you…😂 We broke the process up into two days. The first was stripping majority of the paint off the floor and then sanding half of the floor to reveal the raw stone underneath. On our second day we finished scraping the paint and then moved into sealing the floor with a clear sealant and painting the concrete part of the floor a creamy off white color to match the stone.

The paint swatch wall is one of our favorite details in the space! We used paint swatch papers that are given free at Home Depot’s and tacked them onto the wall using museum tack. We also sprayed a matte finishing spray to the paper in order to make sure there are no glares when people take photos!

We didn’t want the space to go without having diverse backdrops. That’s why each wall at Bookha Studios doubles as it’s own unique backdrop. We painted the murals ourselves using tape and free hand pencil drawings! We kept the coloring consistent with our color scheme - pinks, creams, and mauves.

We went through a multi-paint process on this other mural. We started with colors similar to our original logo - pink, green and purple. Later we decided that we didn’t find the colors to fit well so we switched it up and repainted a more neutral swatch of pinks and mauves.

We wanted to make sure our beauty area was selfie-worthy 🌟 That’s why we decided to paint a mural and add a ‘hollywood style’ vanity mirror!! (We also repainted the green out for mauve!)

One of the final steps to finishing the space was adding wallpaper! We teamed up with Drop It Modern and installed there beautiful Azteca Petal design to our living room space. And HOLY MOLY did the room finally come to together!! We are so thrilled with how the wallpaper added that final touch to the space!


No space is complete without LIGHTS 🌟Our friends over at Hudson Valley Lighting sent us the most beautiful light fixtures! We chose to go with a lot of Mitzi pieces for the space because we loved how modern yet stylish the pieces looked. All of the ceiling fixtures are orb’ed chandeliers with brass finishings. All the lights are super light weight (even the biggest chandelier) so we had no problem installing them into the ceiling.

LET’S TALK DECOR!!! Cuz’ this is the fun part 😜We wanted to space to lay closer to the lifestyle side of decoration so that meant creating a ‘mock’ living room, kitchen, beauty area etc. That way people can rent out a space that appears to be ‘livable’ with all the extra perks of a studio space ie. lots of outlets, extension cords, sand bags, lighting accessories etc.